Rigging Gaffer
Rigging Gaffer at Gripworks Electric

D.P. Package : $1,200/Day

    • Unlimited use of all Lights and Grip

HMI Lighting: 2- Arri Sun+1200 Par & 200w/400w Joker Bug Kit

Kino Flo Lighting: 2-4’x4 Bank & 2-2’x4 Bank

Tungsten Lighting: 2K Junior, 2-1K , 4-650, 2 Mini Mole LED

Lighting: LitePanel Astra Bi-Color w/ v-mount & Quasar LED

Tube Kit  Interview Package : $750/Day

    • Includes choice of Joker, Kino, or LED Kits and basic grip

Grip Package $400/Day

    • Includes all Grip and Rigging and  Doorway Dolly

Also available: 12’x12’ Set (frame, solid, silk, double, single): $120 6’x6’ Griffolyn: $25 12’x12’ Griffolyn: $30 Silver / Gold Reflector Boards: $25 / $30 Honda 6500w Genny w/ crystal sync $125 PeeWee and Fisher Dollies, Jibs, Cranes, Steadicam Full selection of Correction Gels, Foam Core, Tape and other expendables Call for prices and availability of any required equipment not listed. All listed prices are daily rates. Weekly rates available.